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Sharing ideas and connecting with communities, professionals, and students around the world.


Disney Tech: Immersive storytelling through innovation, 2019 – Interview, discussion covering autonomous robotic technology, human-computer interaction, and character design, published in IEEE Potentials.

“A Tracked Automultiscopic 3D Tabletop,” 2015 – Paper on providing glasses-free 3D media experience to multiple viewers from a single display, published in SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers. Co-author.

“Extreme Animation: Novice Edition,” 2011 – Non-technical paper chronicling the collaborative experience between student animators and producers of a reality tv show. Published in SIGGRAPH Dailies!. Lead author and presenter.

“The Yume Project: Artists and Androids,” 2010 – Paper exploring the distinction between realism and believability in humanoid robotics development, published in Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Human Robot Personal Relationships. Lead author and presenter at Leiden University, Netherlands.


University of Akron – Williams Honors College Dream Series, 2020 – Series speaker, exposing UA students across all majors to non-traditional career options and professional paths.

Kahn Academy “Imagineering in a Box”, 2019 – Interview, exploring character design and its application in Audio-Animatronics® and other robotic and interactive technologies.

Medtronic “Technical Contributor of the Year” ceremony, 2015 – Keynote Speaker, representing Walt Disney Imagineering to Medtronic’s annual research symposium and inventor awards in a talk covering design methodology for human interaction with artificially intelligent systems.

Rensselaer University, 2015 - Invited speaker, representing Walt Disney Imagineering at Rensselaer’s Medical Device Day in a talk covering Imagineering’s approach to interactive character design.

University of Akron Institute for Leadership Advancement, 2013 – Keynote speaker for incoming freshman enrolled in the University of Akron’s leadership program, offering a talk on academic and career development.

TEDx Akron, 2013 – Talk focusing on using personal narrative as a tool to shape one’s future.

TEDx CMU, 2010 – Talk focusing on the unique perspective and skills artists have to offer in the development of lifelike humanoid robots.


THEA Awards, 2017 – Awards for outstanding achievement in the themed entertainment industry. Honored for participating in The Ghost Post augmented reality retail experience as the voice of Ernst the ghost.

Telly Awards, 2011 – Awards for excellence in the fields of TV, Cable, Digital and Streaming, and Non-Broadcast Productions. Honored for the animated short, “Collectible” in the categories: Non-Broadcast Entertainment, Non-Broadcast Student, Non-Broadcast Use of Animation, and Non-Broadcast Art Direction. Honored for the “Demolition Sequence” in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Episode 804 in the category: Broadcast Use of Animation.

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